How To Buy The Right Golf Buggy?

For players who play golf, buggies are truly very important equipment. Earlier, players had to travel all the way to reach the spot on feet. They had to drag the bag of equipment on wheels. The whole process took lot of time and also made the players tired.

With the entrance of the buggy in the golf course, the whole story changed. These are now an integral part of the game. All the equipment is stored in the cart and the player gets an easy access to the equipment without the need to drag them. The player is also carried by the cart to the desired spot of the vast area. There are many brands that offer quality buggies at reasonable cost. You can search for mgi electric golf buggy Australia sellers online to buy a branded product.It is very clear that a player needs an electric golf trolley to smoothly continue the game.

But the buggies do not come free. It is quite a lot of investment, obviously for a good cause. While you invest in a really important thing, it is necessary to buy after a good thought to avoid ending up on the wrong side. But, how to choose the right golf buggy? This blog is here for players who are going to buy a cart for the very first time. 

The weight:

Different golf clubs allow carts with specific weight. Before buying it is necessary to care about this thing. You may buy a cart which is not allowed by the club. So, avoid any unpleasant incident, talk with the club manager and then buy.

There are two types of buggy:

The golf buggies are differentiated on the basis of the source that helps the cart to run. There are basically two types of buggies. One runs on electric while the other runs on gas. Electric carts need to be charged every night. So, there must be a charging station at your home where you can charge it every day. An electric cart can run for a single day easily. But if you need your cart to run more than that, electric cart is not you thing. In this case, you can consider buying a gas golf buggy.

Theft proof:

A golf buggy catches the eyes of thieves easily. So, when you decide to buy a cart, always keep in mind that you have to change the universal key to an individual one. Check if your club has proper storage for your cart.

Buy a used one:

It is always safe to buy a used cart. It will help you to decide actually what you want and can save some money. Before buying ensure that the cart is in good condition.

Why You Should Not Be Riding These Majestic Animals – And What You Can Do Instead

Since ancient times, elephants were used by humans for a number of purposes – whether that was to carry heavy loads or to participate in wars. Riding them was also a common enough practice, and it is one that has persisted for many years. In recent years, however this has come increasingly under fire, especially in countries which had a well-known reputation for elephant riding, such as Thailand.

For starters, elephant riding has always been one of the popular attractions of Thailand for many years, and it brought in significant revenue for the country’s tourist industry. With the details of how exactly these elephants were treated, acquired in the first place, though, the perspective most tourists (and even locals) had about the practice quickly changed. The sad reality these beautiful animals was far darker than what anyone could have possibly imagined: the torture they underwent was not limited to physical pain, but it also extended to crushing psychological fear and distress.

The popularity of elephant riding meant that these animals had a high value on the black market: poaching was (and still is – despite the banning of these practices and the creation of elephant village Pattaya and other parts of the country in their place) the most common way to acquire elephants. They were often taken away from their mothers at a young age, and then tortured into submission through truly horrible methods that included inflicting physical pain with weapons and starvation.elephant village Pattaya

Once the elephant was fully moulded into submission, the mahouts (the elephant trainers) had complete control over them, but often still used pointed objects to prod them into specific activities. This is an important point – even if when you go elephant riding, you notice nothing unusual (or perhaps, even see the mahouts being kind to these animals), you should be sceptical. After all, untrained and untamed elephants would hardly let a human onto their back without a struggle!

Of course, that does not mean you are out of options if you want to see the elephants of Thailand. There are plenty of places where you have fun, but ethical activities, with them. As was mentioned above, in recent years, sanctuaries have been established, where you can do things like elephant mud bath, feed them or even play with them. These sanctuaries usually have rescued the elephants, or are an effort to conserve them (because Asian elephants are an endangered species).

Thus, as long as you make sure that the place you will visit is not cruelly treating its elephants, and is instead making an effort to reconcile humane practices and tourism, you can definitely enjoy the sight of these wonderful creatures and have fun with them

Camping With Your Best Buddies: What You Need To Know

The lives that we lead in the modern society can get quite monotonous at times. When that happens, it would have a negative impact on various aspects of our lifestyles. It is in your own hands to take effective steps to avoid such occurrences. Spending quality time with your friends will prove to be one of the best ways for you to get rid of the monotony in your life.

There are so many things that you would be able to do with your friends. It would be ideal if you think out of the box and decide on some exciting activities rather than resolving for a typical meal or a day-out. In doing so, you should certainly consider a camping trip with your best buddies.
When you go camping with your best buddies, you will be capable of having many pleasant experiences. However, it is up to you to make the best out of the camping experience. There are certain matters that you should know when you go camping with your best buddies. Some such matters are given below!

Find a good tent

There is no denying that your camping experience would depend on the nature of your tent. The tent that you pick should be safe, comfortable, and spacious. Due to these reasons, it will be good for you to invest some time in finding a tent that could fulfil the requirements of your camping trip. As an example, if you are camping with four friends, you should certainly consider getting a nice 4 man dome tent

Be prepared

A part of the excitement in camping comes from the unpredictable situations that would come to place. While you cannot be certain on what would happen, you should definitely take the right steps in being prepared for what could come. As an example, having wet weather gear Australia in order to face unpredictable climate conditions could prove to be much of use to you. In addition to that, you should also have first-aid and basic medication with you for emergency situations.

Be safe

Camping can be really exciting. Sometimes, we get so carried away with the excitement that we forget to be safe. You should not allow this to happen, as this would open you and your friends to many dangers. When you are camping you should always give priority to your own safety and the safety of your friends. When you do that, it can be guaranteed that you would have an ideal camping trip where you and your friends would enjoy so much and would return home safe.